As the summer heat begins to rise, the temperatures in GeA Gelateria Artigianale are staying pleasantly cool.  Only two weeks ago, Carmela DiMito and her partner Valeria Musi opened their doors to Lausanne, inviting us to try their home-made, fair-trade gelato and sorbet. Not only is it equitable, as the sign boasts, but most of the ingredients (in fact, every possible ingredient) are from the area. Mounted proudly on their walls are photographs of the local farms and farmers who supply their fresh ingredients; Jean-Robert Henny from Mont-sur-Lausanne provides them with their cherries, strawberries, and apples.

Because of their fresh and local approach, flavors you will find in the shop are only those which are in season. For summer you can expect flavors such as strawberry and grapefruit, while in the autumn and winter those flavors will be replaced with apricot and persimmon. You can also find the more traditional all-season varieties such as lemon, mint, and chocolate. Try the chocolate fondant, though it’s not for the faint-hearted–even if it’s just a sample, the rich taste and smooth texture will hit every chocolate-lovers ‘sweet spot’.
One of our personal favorites was the ‘sesto senso’ or sixth sense. A mix of creamy milk, cinnamon, cloves, and lemon/orange zest; it was a unique and fulfilling flavor, with a refreshing and unexpected zing.
In addition to single, double, and triple scoops in cones and cups, GeA offers freezer-safe Styrofoam containers to take your gelato home so you can enjoy it at your own convenience! You can also find cakes (some of which can be customized in terms of flavor…just ask!), popsicles, and gelato pops.

So now we have the pleasure of welcoming a neighborhood gelateria, who uses local and natural ingredients, who has an equitable commercial perspective, and who can offer a delicious treat to fit almost any dietary restriction (offers gelatos that are lactose free, gluten free, egg free, and soy free, just to name a few).  Does anyone else think that indulging our sweet-tooths just became guilt-free?

GeA Enning
rue Enning 8, 1003 Lausanne
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 7:45-18:00
Saturday: 11:30-18:00
Sunday: 13:30-17:00
☎ 021 311 64 00

GeA Marterey
Rue Marterey 19
Closed during the winter season
Monday-Saturday, 12:00-19:00
021 311 38 66

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