Tucked away just beside Lausanne’s imposing and chaotic Place Riponne is a fashion oasis, a boutique not to be missed by any lausannoise looking for truly exceptional design. Collection 66 is the creative expression of Agnès Boudry, a local designer whose feminine creations capitalize on both the beautiful context of her hometown as well as that famous penchant for quality for which her compatriots are known. Her work is distinctly characterized by a sort of effortless femininity harmoniously juxtaposed with modern sophistication. Whimsy meets unwavering passion for detail. What’s not to love, we ask?

The Spring/Summer 2012 collection, appropriately themed “Kaleidoscope,” captures the shades and essences of the Lake Geneva landscape—from the slate grey of the rocky shoreline to the multi-toned blues of the Lake and the vibrant greens of the surrounding hills. The fabric: oh, the fabric! These patterns and hues are candy for the eyes and luscious for the touch.

Collection 66 provides an array of options for any woman hoping to strike that ever elusive balance between maintaining femininity while dressing to be taken seriously in a modern world. For that reason, many of Agnès’ pieces make for excellent additions to a professional wardrobe. In fact, we hope to grace the office with a Collection 66 item (or two ;)) this summer. Fine fashion—it’s what pay checks are for, n’est-ce-pas?

rue des Deux-Marchés
1005 Lausanne
021/ 311 42 43

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