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Many glasses of wine and evenings-on-the-town ago, we met for the first time at Le P’tit Bar on the urging of a mutual friend in America. We were both new to Lausanne; its cobble-stoned streets, cafés and charming squares. As our friendship grew, so did our love for our adopted city. The Lausanne Guide is where we share our discoveries; it is a place where our love affair with this city can continue to blossom and where we hope you will be inspired to get out and explore with us.

Sarah; Founder and Editor
Sarah is a native Texan whose love for travel and francophone culture first led her to Europe over a decade ago, where a charming Swiss man then convinced her to stay. By day, she’s a communicator in the travel industry; by night, she’s a wife, mother, and Lausanne enthusiast, forever in search of the perfect spot to have drinks with friends.

Tanya; Founder and Editor
Tanya is a Chilean-American, born in Japan, and raised in California and Ohio.  She joined her husband for an adventure abroad in Switzerland almost a decade ago and has never looked back. Her formal training is in education of English Literature and Drama, but her current days are filled with constant hustling; from freelance writing, photography, and consulting, to ensuring her two young kids survive (and maybe thrive within) each day here in Lausanne.

Jackie Courtine; Event Coordinator
Jackie is a proud Texan who was swooped up in Los Angeles by a Frenchman and firmly planted in Switzerland 5 years ago.  She lives in Lausanne with her mad scientist husband, daughter, and cactus Carlos. She lends The Lausanne Guide her talents for event planning and management – she’s the only person we know who can whip up a dinner for 60 people without breaking a sweat.

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On this blog we feature products, services, and brands that we love and use—bringing forth a curated list for our readers. The Lausanne Guide is a place for positive reviews, therefore if something doesn’t fit our editorial taste, we maintain the right to exclude it from our content. However, we recognize that there are brands that are new or unknown to us and therefore are happy to test and review products that we believe would be of interest to our readers.

If you are interested in having your product, brand, or service featured on The Lausanne Guide or for information about sponsorship or advertising, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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