We sauntered up to the terrace and were greeted by two friendly dogs. “Want to taste some wine?” asked a man wearing swim shorts and a tee shirt, holding a bottle of crisp cold Chasselas, condensation dripping down the bottle in contrast to the heat of the day. We smiled and took our seat, eyeing the panoramic view under the shade of the trellised canopy of vines.

We knew we had found something quite special.

Built in 1392 by local monks, the vineyard still holds a lot of its original charm, and even some of its original structures. It’s crazy to sit amongst the stones and vines, meditating on the passing of time–the fact that these walls have witnessed centuries of change, yet so much has stayed the same.

The man in the swim shorts turned out to be Cyril Severin, son of the renowned winemaker Julien Severin who had worked on the vineyard since 1933 and later purchased it for his family. He passed down management responsibilities to Cyril, who takes pride in his recent original vinification of Chasselas, the traditional grape of the region. We must say, we’ve had our fair share of Chasselas, and we’ve not tasted one quite like this–a perfect balance of minerals and fruit, with a dry finish.

In short, we couldn’t believe that we had never stumbled upon this little piece of paradise until now. We imagine many weekday evenings or Saturday afternoons sitting on this terrace, watching the leaves turn and the currents of the lake shift, all while sipping on this land’s delicate and delicious bounty–centuries of tradition and labour in our glass; we certainly do not take it for granted.

If you want to visit Domaine du Daley, we recommend making a tasting reservation as they cannot guarantee you a table or space (especially on the weekends!). Check out their website and give them a call or send them an email. They also have beautiful spaces to rent for parties or events, both inside and outside.

Domaine du Daley

Monday-Saturday 9h-12h30, 13h30-19h

Ch. Des Moines 8
1095 LUTRY

+41 21 791 15 94


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