We may have run into you (quite literally) at the opening party of L’Auberge de Beaulieu a couple of months ago, as it seemed that the entire population of Lausanne showed up. People huddled inside ordering cocktails and beer, picking at the appetizers exiting the kitchen, and overflowed onto the expansive and playful terrace; multicolored picnic tables and exposed bulb lights strung above our heads…it made us yearn for summer apéros.

We had already seen the transformation of the space when we went to interview the architectural designer responsible, Julia Christ, for our Meet The Makers piece. But we couldn’t wait to see it in action. The concept is meant to be relaxed and unfussy, eclectic and fun–reminiscent of bars and restaurants you would stumble upon in Berlin (on every corner). We decided to try it out as a date night spot, and then later as a relaxed apéro with kids.

During our evening there, the restaurant was full, the service kind, and the cocktails on point. We much preferred our starters that we shared over our main courses–the croquettes were mouthwateringly delicious, and the planchette was generously portioned.

The croquetas with pecorino were a good decision 😉
The upstairs lounge area is intimate and cozy–couches line the walls and a DJ booth is set up to have beats accompany your drinks or dinner.

The space itself is a perfect balance between curated and capricious; there’s an elegance and modernity to the furniture and light fixtures, but then the decor, the hand-painted geometric fresco, and the hand-laid tiles on the floor all scream with eccentricities and playfulness. Frankly, we are digging the juxtapositions.

The main dinner courses are a bit limited, and we found ourselves left wanting a bit more in terms of flavor, an element of surprise, and variety.
Note: The mezze and apero snacks can be ordered starting at 18h, before then you can have cake and beer 😉

The outside front terrace, or beer garden, is spacious and sunny. A perfect place to let the kids run around (or play in the rocks), while you enjoy a beer, a homemade agua fresca or one of the stunning cocktails on their menu. We imagine many summer evenings spent on this terrace in the future.

So for next time, we think we’ll head over for a late apéro, early dinner, share a few small plates and drinks under the open sky on their terrace, and allow the late evening sun to set, giving way to the twinkle lights strung through the tree branches overhead. Seems pretty idyllic if you ask us.

Overall, we think the team behind L’Auberge de Beaulieu (also responsible for Pavillon and Le Perroquet) is once again elevating the food and beverage scene here in Lausanne. We love the idea that dining can be creative and unfussy–that it can be aesthetically pleasing and inclusive. And we look forward to seeing the restaurant grow into itself because we think it has the potential to become a Lausanne institution.

L’Auberge de Beaulieu

Avenue Bergières 15, 1004 Lausanne

021 683 03 03

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Ma 10h30 – 24h
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