In Spanish, the word ‘alegria’ means joy or happiness–it implies a certain lightness of heart, a gaiety that overflows. And when you walk into the doors of Alegria, the new epicerie right in the heart of St. Francois, your heart may just skip a gleeful beat. Lined with shelves of specialty goods from Spain and Portugal, and racks filled with obscure yet quality wines, it’s any foodie’s paradise–especially if your repertoire tends to surround itself with Iberico ham and the like.

The concept is simple: to curate high quality, exclusive products most which originate directly from Spain. Although Alegria is only about a month old, it was birthed from a larger, much older story–one that dates back to 1976.

More than 40 years ago, two Spanish families joined forces and began importing simple goods here to Switzerland–onions, potatoes, sometimes fish. Fast forward to now, and we have the biggest importer of Spanish goods here in Switzerland called Covin Gourmet. Though they now work with a multitude of clients, and have expanded production beyond humble onions and potatoes, one thing has remained the same: a focus on quality and a desire to surprise and delight the customer.

And they’ve chosen Lausanne to showcase their products–in an epicerie that lures you in with the pop art and entire legs of ham adorning the walls, and keeps you perusing the shelves with exclusive products beckoning you to try them–honey with real golden flakes, black garlic, or balsamic reduction made from pears.

The Team: Jeremy (left), who previously worked for Anne Sophie Pic, Au Chat Noir, and Yatus and Jasmine (right), whose accolades include Bellini, the Sky Lounge, Maison d’Igor, and Café Boulud Toronto.
You can snag a fresh made-to-order sandwich from Alegria every day while supplies last (prepare those taste buds)–and the bread is delivered daily from the 3* Michelin Restaurant de l’Hôtel de ville de Crissier (small details like this in terms of quality go a long way at Alegria).
The wine selection gets us giddy–with bottles in every price range. With over 80 Spanish wines, over 30 Portuguese, and over 80 French, you simply cannot walk out without trying something new and exciting.

Other things to look out for? Alegria plans to host events regularly (twice a month to be exact)–from more educational evenings where you can meet wine producers and taste wines in the presence of experts, to a bit more cheeky and playful like a ‘desperate housewives’ themed evening 😉

They’re also planning to start a wine discovery club with different levels of membership: think a box of carefully curated and unique wines delivered to your door monthly (cue chorus of angels).

We were joking to each other saying that Alegria is one of those places where you could literally walk in blind-folded, pick something off the shelf, and know it’s going to be special. Turns out, it’s not a joke. With a wide range of products for every price range, it’s a spot worth checking out–and prepare yourself to be delighted and experience…well…alegria.


Place St Francois 12 bis
Lausanne, Switzerland 1003

021 311 25 45

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