Wow. What a year it has been! We always start the new year with anticipation, but we would never have expected this past year in Lausanne to be as exciting as it was. There were new bars, new brunch spots, old restaurants turned new, and new endeavors from old friends. Food festivals and music festivals, and by far the best Christmas market to date. We partied with you, tacos and margaritas in-hand for Cinco de Mayo, and we got to share our ideas about authenticity at a little gathering called Creative Mornings. There are so many other wonderful memories from this year–the list can go on and on– but it’s YOU, our readers, who keep us excited about coming back online year after year. It’s not just a digital space for us–it’s a community. We love the idea that we are still discovering Lausanne together, so from our TLG family to you: thanks for being here, friend. Have a wonderful holiday season, and see you in 2019!We want to give a huge shout out to those who generously provided the prizes for our 2018 Giveaway. We absolutely loved reading all of your comments, and we want to thank you for participating with such enthusiasm! Scroll down to see the photos, along with some bonus outtakes 😉 And a big shout out to our talented and oh-so-fun photographer, Hayley Hay, who didn’t blink an eye when we asked for her help with this slightly bizarre but incredibly fun project.

Blackbird: Founded in 2014, it changed the way Lausanne did breakfast. Now with three locations, and offering lunch and dinner plus everything in between, Blackbird remains one of our favorite spots to be a regular. 

Founded in 1907 in Zurich, Globus is one of those department stores that we can spend hours in—allowing ourselves to get lost in the wonder of it all. But our favorite floor is always the Delicatessa—the incredible range of products, the beauty of the produce, and the quality and selection is unparalleled. 

Like a Nespresso machine but for tea drinkers, the SpecialT is easy to use, and it knows exactly how to infuse your tea (a small digital panel will tell you the exact temperature it’s using, and also knows the time for each tea). With this new Master.T machine, you now even have the latte option (Rooibos cappuccino, anyone?).

BEAT Fitness is a locally owned fitness boutique that has amassed a strong and loyal following for all the right reasons. If you’re looking for a place where the workouts are fun, challenging, motivating, and the people feel more like family than fellow “gym rats”, then look no further.

Started in 1993, originally for bicyclists who needed something tough and resilient, Freitag, one of our favorite Swiss brands, is now a global brand that uses up-cycled materials and loved by just about everyone. We had the honor of giving away a classic favorite: The F155 Clapton backpack!

See you in 2019!

Much love,

Sarah & Tanya

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  1. This site is WONDERFUL. I may be moving to Lausanne in December and so appreciate what you have created here!

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