Cafés are great places to go when you have a short meeting or want to drink a good espresso while answering your emails or updating your social media. But you know as well as us, they’re not always designed to serve as a workplace, especially if you have a long workday ahead or if you’re looking to have a place to invite or impress existing and future clients. This is where co-working spaces come in.

Co-working spaces have been popping up all across the globe over the past 20 years (in reality, the first co-working space was actually in the 90s in Berlin!) and are meant to provide a platform for social interaction for people sharing the same values of autonomy, freedom and professional empowerment in their work life. Perhaps you’re new in Lausanne and looking for ways to build your business and networks, or maybe you’re already an established freelancer but need stay away from the many temptations at home (Netflix! Couch! Bed! Playstation! A pantry full of chocolate! A long bubble bath?!).

Don’t worry. This list will help you avoid being kicked out of bars and cafes and find an environment that’s right for you.

Here are the co-working space in Lausanne (and grand Lausanne):

  1. [Coworking@UC]( )
  2. [Coworking Sous-Gare Lausanne]( )
  3. [Eclau: Espace Coworking Lausanne]( )
  4. [Gotham]( )
  5. [Jura11 Workclub]( )
  6. [Liip Think Space]( )
  7. [Numéro 3]( )
  8. [Passage 9]( )
  9. [Regus]( )
  10. [Banana campus]( )
  11. [The Village](
  12. [Work’n’share](
  13. [Le serre](
  14. [Patchwork] (
  15. [ImpactHub] (
  16. [t19bis] ( )
  17. [Avenue de France 5] (
  18. [hyperespace] (
  19. [Haldimand 15] (
  20. [Espace G60] (
  21. [sev52] (
  22. [Univercité] (
  23. [La Forge] (

Do you know of any other co-working spaces that may be missing from this list?
Please leave us a comment below!

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