This week, a new little shop popped up in our neighborhood, and it’s too pretty not to share.

Atelier Marigold is the store front for an event florist by the same name and sells some of the most luscious blooms we’ve seen in a while. Unlike other florists we’ve visited, the shop is uncluttered and tidy; the striking blue walls provide a perfect canvas for the colorful array – like a dramatic still life painting. Long stemmed varieties of fresh seasonal flowers are on display and the florist is on hand to assemble stunning bouquets around the blooms that most catch your eye.

The shop alone is worth walking past and peeking in the window. At very least, you’ll wish you could move in and at most, you’ll head home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some interior design inspiration.

Atelier Marigold
Rue du Midi 20
1003 Lausanne (site still under construction)

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