Helllooo May! There are countless activities going on this week in and around Lausanne, so we’ve pulled out a few highlights and tried to pick events we know you’ll love.

  • First things first, our Cinco de Mayo Party is this Saturday!! Come join us for Mexican-themed food and drinks, designed by the fine people at Eat Me. For more details, check out this post, and for tickets, send us an email at events@thelausanneguide.com.
  • It’s one of our favorite events of the year, but it also seems to be largely overlooked and under-attended: Aperti is a festival where all of the resident artists of the city of Lausanne open up their studios to a curious public. You can simply take a look a the map and find a studio near you to visit. Artists are on site to answer questions and introduce you to their work.
  • On Thursday, head over to Pavillon for the Orange Party. Part of the proceeds from each cocktail go to support Haciendo Camino, a non-profit organization that helps improve quality of life for vulnerable children and families in Argentina. So wear your best orange outfit, and order ALL the cocktails.
Here’s everything else on our agenda this week:

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