There’s often a great divide when it comes to the subject of fur. There are those who love it for it’s luxurious feel and added warmth, while others are opposed to it because of the obvious ethical reasons. While we absolutely love the look and feel of real fur, we have always been part of the latter group–until we heard about Tallis.

Tallis is a Swiss based luxury fur brand with a contemporary look and feel. While many other fur shops and brands seem stuffy and outdated, Tallis maintains the fine balance between current and classic. But the most important aspect of Tallis for us, is that ethical sourcing is at the core of all they do.

So what is ethically sourced fur? Is that even a thing? Tallis works alongside the food industry to use animal furs that would otherwise be destroyed. You know that tasty rabbit you had for dinner last week? Tallis swoops in and uses the rabbit’s fur to create beautiful accessories rather than it going to waste–they do the same for any animals culled for environmental management. Another way they approach sustainable sourcing is through upcycling: remastering and remaking any old furs or surplus manufacturing materials and giving them a new life rather than sourcing new materials.


Tallis also makes wool products, like this men’s sweater. When your Tallis sweater is no longer wearable, send it back to them and they will transform it into a soft and reversible beanie…for free. Here G is wearing both the sweater AND the beanie it can become.

Tallis wants you to not only look good, but feel good when you wear one of their creations. By knowing exactly where the fur comes from and how it was made, Tallis removes any grey areas–you can wear your fur confidently, and feel that extra warmth too.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful article and the beautiful images. I am so pleased you like Tallis and all the work we have put into how we source our products!