You know that moment just before a concert begins? When the musicians make the final adjustments to their instruments to bring them into tune; the conductor taps his baton twice on the podium: tap tap; some where in the audience, someone clears their throat…and then silence…

Oooh the anticipation!

For us the last couple of weeks have been like that electric moment – those fragments of second before the music begins – because TODAY starts our Christmas Giveaways! The waiting has been agonizing. Every day for the next two weeks, we will be giving away some of our favorite products and experiences to lucky winners who tag a friend in our posts on Facebook and Instagram.

We thought we’d start the Giveaways off with something truly elevated and cultural – two tickets to tomorrow night’s concert by the Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne! The concert starts at 8pm at the Salle Métropole and features works by Strauss, Martinu, and Haydn.

For a chance to win, head over Facebook or Instagram and tag a friend in the comments section of our post about the Orchestra Giveaway. If you want to double your chance to win, leave comments on both Facebook AND Instagram.

For more on how much we love the Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne, check out the post we wrote earlier this year.

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