Hi to Pauline Freudiger (Facebook) who just won our big gift pack from MIX studio! Send us an email at hello@thelausanneguide.com for details about how to claim your prize! Onwards:

We’ve known Eleni for over four years now, and we’re proud to not only call her our favorite eyebrow stylist, but also a dear friend. She has literally transformed the way hundreds of people look by showing us how to reclaim our natural beauty through our brows. Eleni’s entire philosophy centers on “real beauty, real brows”–what sets her apart from the rest is her ability to look at a face, examine a brow, and find what is beautifully unique about each person and emphasize this. Every time we leave Eleni’s chair, we feel more confident in what we were born with, and this is a gift in itself. We want you to experience what hundreds in and around Lausanne already know: that you can reclaim your natural brows and appreciate what makes you, you. We are giving away an eyebrow styling session for you and a friend–a 100CHF value! Head on over to Instagram and/or Facebook for a chance to win so you can get some brow loving from the best in the biz.

To know more about Eleni, see examples of her incredible work, or book an appointment online, visit her website, follow her on Instagram, and like her page on Facebook.

Photograph by Jagoda Wiśniewska for Les Toiles.

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