Here’s a fact that won’t surprise you – at The Lausanne Guide, we are madly in love with Lausanne. Why else would we spend our free time telling the world just how great it is?!

That’s why we are beyond excited to introduce the brand Lausanne Lovers as a new sponsor on this site. It’s hard to imagine another local business whose mission aligns so closely with our own – SHARE ALL THE LAUSANNE LOVE.

Lausanne Lovers produces high-quality, modern Lausanne souvenirs. From super soft t-shirts and sweatshirts, to generously-sized mugs, to canvas shopping bags and even the cutest Caran d’Ache pen, Lausanne Lovers offers creative designs that go beyond the common clichés of Switzerland, which can get a little tiring after a while. In other words, no Saint-Bernards here!

We love the clever way they worked a nod to Lausanne’s three hills into their logo, and how fresh and modern the products feel. Whether you’re a traveler looking to take something home from your trip to Lausanne or you’re a local wanting to show your love for the city, they offer great products that you’ll actually use in your daily life.

Seriously, how great would one of these canvas bags be for a market-day shopping trip? Or one of these sweatshirts when you’re on your way to the gym? Or again this Caran d’Ache pen…anytime?

Personally, we’ve been drinking heaps of tea from our enormous Lausanne Lovers mug.

With Christmas coming up, we know that many of you will be looking for gifts for family and friends in far-flung corners of the world. Lausanne Lovers has items that would be great for anyone who wants to feel connected to you, even from far away (looking at you, Mom!).

You can find Lausanne Lovers at Particules et Suspension (the Place Grand-St. Jean location), at La Boutique flower shop, and at the Bô Noël boutique during the Christmas market. Or, check out all their products in their online shop.

You can also stay up-to-date with the brand and any new product releases by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

A warm WELCOME to Lausanne Lovers! Thanks for helping us to spread the Lausanne love.

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