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There’s nothing like opening your letterbox and seeing a surprise package–and that’s exactly what happened one day when we came home to find a thin white box amongst our letters and magazines. The outside read “Hoppbox”, and when we opened it, we were quite giddy.

Don’t get us wrong. We love beauty product samples and coupons for wine, but there’s something about snacks that make us rejoice. We spend our days running after children, staring at computer screens, on conference calls, or on commuter flights/trains/buses and we usually don’t realize we are hungry until it’s too late and we are actually hANGRY. So when we realized that Hoppbox existed, there was a little sigh of relief because they get it.

So what is Hoppbox? It a snack subscription service that makes healthy snacking easy and affordable. You just go online, choose the frequency of deliveries, add your address, and voilà–4 different snacks packed into perfectly portion controlled containers, in a single Hoppbox delivery straight to your door (or actually in your letterbox).

And as if we couldn’t love this company and its scrumptious snacks (seriously, they choose only the highest quality of seasonal ingredients, no artificial crap, and 100% fairtrade) any more, we read about them, then we met them, and they are actually really good people. Look at their statement as a social enterprise on their website:

One of our core values is: Give Back to the Community. We firmly believe that we cannot live our lives isolated from the needs of the wider community and environment. That’s why, since the very beginning we’ve partnered with the Fondation Foyer Handicap. Every Hopp snack is carefully weighed and packed by hand by the outstanding team here in Geneva.

That’s right. They are not only finding ways of empowering their customers to lead healthier lives, but also empowering those who may find it difficult to find employment otherwise. We call that a major win-win.

And we really want you to win too. This is why our friends at Hoppbox are offering three lucky TLG readers a chance to try their very own snack box. How to win? Just leave us a comment below telling us about your favorite go-to snack when you’re feeling hungry (or hANGRY). We’ll choose three of you and you’ll get a Hoppbox delivered right to your door.

To learn more about Hoppbox, their snack varieties, philosophy, or how to get started on a subscription service that is guaranteed to make you smile (and your stomach less grumbly), head on over to their website and follow them on Facebook.

Thanks Hoppbox! We really like what you do.


  1. Aleksandra Reply

    My favorite snack is banana or cashew nuts or some chocolate truffles to “sweeten” the life sometimes !!!

  2. I try to get as healthy as possible also when I snack, so I reduced carbs, sugars and chemicals. Fruit, vegetables, nuts and raw food is the best snack you can get!!!

  3. My favorite snack has to be dried fruit like mango, apples, or banana chips. Its that little taste of sweetness you need in the day.

  4. Over the 7 weeks that we have been blessed with our beautiful baby boy, the one skill I am quickly mastering (other than nappy changes and- what seems like endless- burping ) is finding snacks I can eat with one hand.. this weeks favourite: mixed nuts and raisins. Yum! Looking for some new snack ideas (have a long – glorious- journey ahead).. 🙂

  5. Amen Sisters!
    If snacking were a hobby it would be top of my list, but don’t get me wrong healthy snacking of course! You can’t beat fruit and nut mix, in particular dried pear and apple. Full of sweetness and super easy to store in your bag for a long days work!

  6. Susan Kish Reply

    Well, unfortunately for me I am totally addicted to chocolate and snack on it during the day. I love things like nuts and dried fruit but the rather lackluster choices in the grocery stores aren’t very inspiring. Maybe something like this would get me to change my evil ways!

  7. An all time favorite is apple and almond butter slices… but for on the go snacking I always have some nuts and dried fruit with me and I love my homemade almond, cranberry, pecan and dark chocolate cookies!

  8. Well…It is really hard to choose one but I would say either mixed nuts or chocolate coated raisins 😍

  9. I must say that I am definitely addicted to nuts in general but peanuts and cashew are my favorites 🙂 they are just the perfect snack, especially when I am backpacking around countries and spending lots of hours in hot, crowded local buses or trekking in the jungle! I would even eat peanuts for breakfast when I don’t have time to eat something else 😉

  10. A little bit boring here- tangerine oranges this time of year, and a banana. Help me spice up my snack game!

  11. what a fabulous business ! hands down, my absolute favorite snack is dates and dark chocolate (with a sprinkle of sea salt). which i have pretty much every afternoon. (mixing up the type of date and type of dark chocolate) although lately, with persimmons in season, i snack on those – all. day. long.

  12. Hi there TLG, Nick here, founder at Hoppbox, we’re all absolutely blown away by this wonderful article and the amazing photos. THANK YOU! So glad you enjoyed our little Hopp! snacks and appreciate the other things we’re trying to build with our start-up. As a little way to say thanks I’d love to offer you an additional 7 boxes to use as you see fit. Just let me know where you’d like to send them.

    P.S. favourite for me is a mix of inca berries, pecans with a touch of white chocolate. Works a treat for the mid-afternoon slump!

    • Hi Nick! We are SO happy you like the article! And how generous of you to give us more Hoppboxes! We will definitely think of something fun to do with those 🙂 Keep up the great work! And thanks again for letting us spread the snacking love!

  13. Breastfeeding makes you hungry! I’m basicly allways hungry since my baby girl was borne, so snacks are essantial to keep me going. My favourite snacks lately are bananas with cashew butter or just cashew butter (when I forgot to buy bananas), or dark choclate.

  14. Thrilled to see this in CH! I find that kale chips or vanilla cashews (usually) keep the hANGER in check 😉

  15. Truthfully, my favourite ‘naughty’ snack is Lindt Orange Intense black chocolate with almond flakes! When I’m thinking healthy snacks, I adore pecan nuts, almonds or cashews mixed with a few dried cranberries.
    Sometimes, I make chocolate treats by melting a good quality dark chocolate and pouring it into a silicone ice-cube tray and topping each chocolate cube with chopped nuts, cranberries and raisins. Refrigerate till set and enjoy a treat of healthy and ‘gourmand’ in one go!!

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