Ohhhh, October. Moody and rich with your angled light and crisp air, we love you. Indeed, when done right, fall rivals even the brightest summer days. So pull out your scarves, put on a deep-hued lipstick, and join us for these great autumn activities…

1. On the Menu: La Chasse and Brisolée

Filets de perches are behind and cheese season is just around the bend, but before you adjust your cravings for winter, make sure to eat your way through enjoy the local fall dishes – la chasse and brisolée. They’re mercifully balanced but pack the calorie punch to give you that cosy, comfort food feeling we love this time of year.

La Chasse: You’ve seen the signs around town “la chasse est arrivée!” and indeed, we want to shout it from the mountain tops. Before moving to Switzerland, we’d never eaten game meat, and for years we resisted trying because it sounded somewhat…savage? Then two years ago, we were invited to dinner at Auberge de la Fleur de Lys in Prilly and (angels singing) we saw the light. Now, it’s a yearly tradition that we can’t miss. Disclosure: the restaurant decor is what we like to call “Vaudois-kitsch,” but you’re not going for the decor, you’re going for the Noisettes de Chevreuil.

Readers have recommended la chasse to us at these restaurants as well:

Auberge de la Cergniaulaz
Le Contretemps
L’Hôtel-Restaurant Le Belmont
Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron
La Clef d’Or
La Croix d’Ouchy

La Brisolée: A cross between a dish and a random picnic of seasonal products, brisolée is best experienced at a long, festive communal table. Cheese, freshly-harvested grapes, dried meat, roasted chestnuts, and local white wine. Honestly, what more do you need in life?

Here are a few opportunities to participate in a brisolée celebration:

This Saturday in the market square in Vevey.
Folie Voltaire on October 15.
Later this month at the Caveau Corto in Grandvaux.
Later this month at the Hotel de Ville of Bussigny

2. Fall Foliage Hiking

Have you seen the leaves lately?! The gray, misty mornings are peppered with vibrant with yellows and reds. Each weekend in October, we do our best to get up into the mountains to take it all in. Our favorite hikes this time of year are les Roches de Naye, le Lac Taney, and le Col de Jaman. Or if you just want an easy stroll with the family, along with lots to entertain the kids, Signal de Bougy is wonderful this time of year.

3. Fondue with your neighbors

Lausanne à Table is closing its season of festivity in the best way we could have imagined – a communal fondue under the canopy of trees in the Parc de Valency. At lunchtime on October 15, head over to the park with 20chf and an empty stomach, ready to make some new friends.

4. Elevate your entertainment

With the arrival of chilly evenings, we’re always tempted to peruse Netflix for our next TV binge, but this year we’re determined to take advantage of the indoor cultural offer in Lausanne. We recently discovered the magic of the Chamber Orchestra, and are looking forward to this concert at the Cathedral. This exhibit at the Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts is on our list, and so is this ballet.

How are you taking advantage of October? Any events we should add to our list?


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