This weekend we took some of our own advice from last week and headed up to the mountains for a hike and dinner in an alpine restaurant. The trails were packed! No wonder it feels like no one is in Lausanne – they’re all on a mountainside somewhere ;). We hope you got out to enjoy this beautiful weather too.

Did any one notice how spectacular the lake is looking this year? It’s always beautiful, but right now there’s something extra special, and this article from 24Heures explains why.

It’s a relatively quiet week around Lausanne, but here are a few events on our calendars…

  • Thinking of the beauty of the lake makes us want to check out this art exhibit at the Palais du Rumine that will be closing soon.
  • Get your heart rate up and then relax again over brunch – Fit & Brunch is this Sunday at Jetée de la Compagnie.
  • Or, if the Beau Rivage is more your scene, head over for a yoga session in their gardens (the really motivated among us could actually do both!)
  • Les Digitales, a festival for intelligent electronic and experimental music, is on Saturday. We won’t pretend to understand electro music, but from the looks of this event, it would be a good place to start learning to appreciate it more!
  • On Thursday through Sunday, you can also get your fill of electro at the DerDieDas Festival taking place at Riponne.
  • Would you like to practice speaking another language or teaching someone to speak yours? Head to Le Lacustre on Thursday evening for a language exchange.
  • This might as well be called the summer of outdoor cinemas! Another festival kicks off in Parc de Milan on Friday. Please note that films are only subtitled in French and German.
  • Lausanne-sur-Mer continues this week if you know of any hyperactive teenagers in need of a place to expend some energy.

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