One fateful evening many moons (and children) ago, our friend Jackie introduced us to her favorite barman, Gregory, at the Lausanne Palace. She had talked him up quite a bit–the man who could make her spicy margarita just right (read: it’ll make your eyes water), who could customize any drink, who understood flavors and combinations and was the perfect gentleman even when the customer had one too many drinks (totally not talking about us…nope…never happens). Well fast forward several years and we hear about a restaurant opening in Chailly, one of our neighborhoods, that is supposed to be delicious and have an emphasis on craft cocktails.

From the outside, L’Oustau has a humble appearance…a large terrace overlooks a major street in Chailly, often congested with traffic from local roadwork and commuters. But once you enter, have a seat, and look at the menu, you realize you’ve just discovered something pretty special.

Gregory and Thomas (the head chef) are the masterminds of the menu–dishes changing based on what’s fresh and in season and influenced by provencal recipes. We are firm believers that when you discover a new dining spot, you ask the waiter (and in this case it was Gregory himself) for their house favorites and go from there. Per Gregory’s suggestion, we sampled a few of the small plates to start: crispy calamari with an aioli dipping sauce, and breaded fish dough balls with a spicy marinara (seriously, yum). But what’s a starter without a cocktail in hand? This is when Victor came in and stole the show.

Just as the food menu changes, the cocktail creations are also changing based on season but also based on Victor’s creative inclinations. On any given day, Victor (who you may also recognize from previous positions at Lausanne Palace or Le Comptoir) will surprise you with his ability to create exquisite craft cocktails, garnished with flowers, sprigs of herbs, or fresh fruits. One of our husbands even deemed Victor’s Old Fashioned “the best one in the city” which is actually saying a lot.

Then the main courses arrived in all their grandeur. From plank-grilled fish to perfectly cooked steak with a side of insanely delicious vegetables (seriously, something as simple as the shallot was a show-stopper), it was obvious that the motto at L’Oustau is no detail is too small. We were blown away by the quality, presentation, and taste of every single dish. Gregory also suggested wine pairings, which accentuated the tastes in each dish even more.

So while the neighborhood of Chailly may not be on many of your radars, there is certainly a reason for you to make the “trip.” Even if you only have time for a cocktail and a few a tapas, it is well worth the few extra steps 😉


Avenue de Chailly 21, 1012 Lausanne

021 653 03 28 |

Ouvert tous les jours de 9h à minuit


Cuisine de midi à 14h et de 19h à 22h

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