Did you make it to the Miam Festival this weekend?

Happy Tuesday, friends! The best work weeks are Monday-less, wouldn’t you agree? Even if they start with thunderstorms. Speaking of, did you see this amazing photo online over the weekend of a bolt of lightening striking a plane landing in Geneva? Apparently there wasn’t any damage to the plane, but WOW.

Here’s what we’ve got on our calendars for this short but full week…

  • TONIGHT – board games au bord du lac (see what we did there?) – Jetée de la Compagnie is hosting a game night!
  • Thursday night is fajitas and sangria night at La Couronne d’Or.
  • Check out the Minimarket at Jetée de la Compagnie, where you can shop local small business brands.
  • Get an early start on the weekend (literally) at the Wake Up and Run event on Friday morning at 5:30am.
  • Take a quick trip to Cuba at the Beau Rivage’s Cuban-themed apéro on Friday evening.
  • Get a peek at the art galleries and art studios in the Flon this weekend at Flon Art.
  • Then head up to the Esplanade de Montbenon for this year’s Festival de la Terre.
  • This Saturday, you can grab breakfast and a pair of Shopping Therapy sandals at Folie La Voltaire.
  • The Hermitage Museum is organizing a tour of their current exhibit on impressionism and post impressionism followed by a painting lesson in the garden where you can learn how to create your own impressionist work.

Do you know of any events that we should feature on The Lausanne Guide? Send us a note at hello@thelausanneguide.com.

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