You guys. This weather is seriously cramping our style. C’mon sun! Luckily there are a few fun events (some brand new ones!) this week to get us going. Also, don’t forget that this Sunday is Mother’s Day…make sure to cook her breakfast in bed and let her sit long enough to enjoy a coffee while it’s still warm (can you tell what season of life we’re in right now? ;)). Have a good one!

It’s like a huge potluck for foodies–this Tuesday!

A new music festival has come to Lausanne—Prémices! One bracelet, six different venues, and a huge variety of genres and bands to discover.

Is Bordeaux your thing? Then head on over to The Beau-Rivage Palace on Friday for a special guided discovery of some exclusive wines. Reserve tickets here.

And speaking of the Beau-Rivage Palace–we’ve heard  they spoil mothers pretty well on Mother’s Day 😉

No talking allowed at Café Saint Pierre’s “Soirée Silence” on Sunday.

Docteur Gab’s is at it again–this time with Brasserie de Montbenon, Café du Grancy, and Café Saint Pierre! They’ve created a house beer for them called “Chevallaz Blanc” and they are throwing a party to celebrate.

Yoga & brunch at Jetée de la compagnie this Sunday.

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