From our walk this weekend – Col de Jaman.

Oh dear.

THIS WEEK IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN. Between the wine festival, food festival, beer festival, music festival, garden party, outdoor concert, ETC, there is definitely something for everyone.

Here’s what we’ve got on the calendar for this week:

  • This weekend is Caves Ouvertes Vaudoises. Visit the cellars, gardens, and houses of winemakers across the Canton, sip the local varieties, and take home a few bottles for your personal collection. This is one of the most festive weekends of the year! Pro tip: try one of the less popular destinations (Lavaux is packed with people) for a more personal and authentic experience. Our best year was in the village of Yvorne. Pro tip #2: Take the train lest you get stranded with your car in Yvorne. It happened to a friend. 😉
  • And in case you’d like a to do a little yoga during your dégustation
  • Or if beer is more you’re thing, head over to the Cantine de Sauvabelin this weekend for a craft beer festival.
  • Get a head start on the toasts Thursday night at Yatus’s Garden Party.
  • After the food truck festival was such a hit in 2015 and 2016, Lausanne thought “why limit to one day, when we could eat ourselves silly over three days instead?” And thus, the Miam Festival was born. Saturday through Monday, you can stroll through town and eat from food stands to your heart’s delight.

Does anyone else think that Lausanne is going to need a collective detox week?! Good grief, people…

  • After all this drinking and eating, you may want to give the waterside Yoga Brunch a try at Jetée de la Compagnie on Sunday morning.
  • Despite the name, this one is not actually about food – Chocolate Festival is an electronic music festival taking place next weekend.
  • On Friday night, Simon Kempston, a Scottish singer and songwriter, will be playing at La Galicienne.
  • Also on Friday night, swing dancing at Le Romandie.

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