A few nights ago we had a last-minute date night thanks to a friend who insisted on babysitting for us (thanks Nix!) and we had to scramble thinking about where we wanted to go. The requirements? We wanted to try something new, we didn’t want it to be too fussy, and we wanted something fresh (oh, and there had to be meat on the menu…that one is a non-negotiable for the husband). We had actually tried to book SUD two times before and it had been complet, but third time is a charm, right?

SUD, located just across from the Opera, boasts seasonal and fresh dishes influenced by the Mediterranean. The head chef, Sébastien Trinquier,  is young but passionate–with roots in Montpelier, he desires to bring a bit of the South here to Lausanne. The decor and ambiance is spot on–though we could have done with a bit lower-lighting since it was dinner time. Blue tiles accent the table and walls, a massive olive tree sprouts from the middle of the room, and couches line the walls with pillows to offer a familiar and welcoming vibe.

We started with the plank grilled octopus on a bed of quinoa–the flavors were rich, the plate creative, but it was simple and unpretentious.  For our main courses we ate the filet de boeuf with roasted potatoes and lamb with puréed celery root and sautéed spinach. You guys. If I could marry that lamb I would. It was perfection on a plate.

Overall we have to say we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and creativity of the dishes at SUD. Now if they dim the lights, put a candle on the table, and turn a bit of music on, it would be date-night perfection.

Bravo to Sébatien and his team for a fantastic meal and concept. We look forward to paying you another visit–maybe this time for lunch!

Avenue du théâtre 1
Lausanne 1005

Centre ville, arrêt Georgette
Proximité Saint François, à 2 pas du Flon
021 320 8383


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