You guys. What happened this week with this weather?! There was SNOW. White, fluffy snow in our hair this morning. It is almost May.

[Ok rant over].

At least this weekend calls for some sunshine before we plunge back into the rain again–so soak it up! We are so excited for this weekend because we will be having a little creative retreat with our team right here in Lausanne at the iconic Lausanne Palace. We cannot wait! Have a great weekend everyone!

Would you pay 250chf to stay in this hotel?

Can you believe this entire photoshoot was done on an iPhone?

Haha, so true.

We just snagged these adorable baby bloomers (and a handful of other items) since Cyrillus is having a big sale!

Is Lausanne Europe’s most underrated city break?

Can we talk about how much we love IKEA’s response to Balenciaga’s bag?

Obsessed with this Instagram account.

This golden coffee/side table is perfection.

Black ice cream is now a thing in LA.

There’s something about patent leather Brogues

Out of all of the winners for The A’ Design Award & Competition, this one was by far our favorite 😉

This printed silk kimono is just stunning (and on trend!).

Ha! Parents give toddler kids a taste of their own medicine (best with sound on!).

Couldn’t help but smirk (not to get too political).

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