Happy Earth Day! What will you do this weekend? We are super excited to have a girls’ night on Saturday, then cash in on an incredibly generous gift to the spa–going to try eyelash tinting for the first time…have you tried it? We’re a bit skeptical but thought, why not? Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and profitez with the sun because next week’s forecast looks a bit grim.

Struggle with anxiety? Shake and color! Apparently painting your nails is therapeutic.

Serena Williams is amazing for obvious reasons, but we just found out she won the Australian open while 8 weeks pregnant. Boom!

These earrings are imperfectly perfect.

If you have ten minutes, this is worth a watch (such a great storyteller).

Have you heard about Google’s newest app, Autodraw?

Because why can’t staying hydrated be trendy?

An important article in the age of social media shaming.

The power of knowing more than one language.

Do you remember when everyone had these hanging above their beds?

Did you know that Harlem has a French accent?

We can see something like this being used a plenty of gatherings this summer!

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  1. Susan Beaupré-Kish Reply

    Eyelash tinting – yes! I’ve done it in the summer since I was in my 20s. Great for the beach, especially if you’re blonde and have faded eyelashes. Please post your findings, always looking for a new place to try!

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