What are you doing this weekend? We hear it’s supposed to get up to 22 degrees by Sunday (raised hand emoji!) so we will definitely be spending allll the time outside. Also, if you left a comment on our lipstick giveaway, head on over to our Instagram page to see if you’re one of the lucky winners! Hope everyone has a fab weekend.

Bourg Plage has changed it’s name to Les Grandes Roches—and it’s opening this afternoon!

Geneva now allows women to bathe topless in the Lake.

Would you jump? Could not stop watching this video.

We’ve always wanted the see the great sequoias.

This sweet children’s book helps sick kids confront their fears of medicine, and it was created here in Lausanne!

This green dress for spring.

The “best restaurant in the world” award goes to a Swiss chef!

The prettiest restaurant plates in Paris.

This would totally elevate our picnic game.

What if cake were actually healthy?

Haha, sorry couldn’t resist.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this week-end program. In addition to all these exciting activities, , I’d like to share a super fun activity that will take place this Sunday from 13h30 to 16h00 at the Parc de Milan, Lausanne.
    The Swiss Lakers, a touch rugby club based in Lausanne is holding an open day to promote this mixte sport, fun and fast, ideal to get fit before summer. Here is the facebook event :
    Open to anyone who wants to have a run and fun with a very nice welcoming team 🙂
    website : https://www.swisslakers.org/

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