Heeelllooo sunshine! This week has given us spring fever in the worst way. We’ve got our fingers crossed that it will stick around for a few more days, so we can go exploring over the weekend. We’re thinking of venturing over to Lucern or maybe Interlaken for some beautiful views. And we’re definitely toasting to the longer days at dinner tonight at Amici.

Here’s a roundup of the things that caught our eye this week. Bon weekend, friends!

A love story, in real life.

Another great way to enjoy the sunshine? Music festivals on the slopes.

We could lose an afternoon in this rocker.

In case you needed another reason to learn your second, third or four language.

This local company mapped the frozen Lac de Joux using pictures taken from a drone.

A good reminder for native English speakers.

Get some work done in these 6 Lausanne cafés.

Interested in the local music scene? Newly Swissed put together a list of Swiss bands to watch in 2017.

This art exhibit in Place de la Louve opens on Sunday.

Loving all the spring florals on PKZ this week.



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