How is it already late February?! The advent of 2017 took us by storm. After a couple of ski weekends, seasonal colds and out-of-town guests, it had been weeks since we actually caught up with our girlfriends.

In another season, a dinner party would have meant a Pinterest recipe search and an evite; in the dark, hurried and cold evenings of winter, a text message exchange would have to do. And preparing the meal? Who has time?

We decided it was the perfect opportunity to test out, a Lausanne dinner delivery service. Mium offers a simple menu that changes every few days: 3 entrees, 3 main dishes and 3 desserts. All made from local, fresh ingredients. And even if it sounds like it would be expensive, it only costs a bit more than ordering a pizza.

We placed our order for champagne leek risotto, chicken meatball spaghetti, and seared tuna teriyaki bowls online.

We were really hungry, so we opted for the 5chf rush delivery fee that promised to get us our meal in 20 minutes or less. If we had been a bit more patient, we could have gone with the regular 1 hour delivery time and avoided a delivery fee all together. That’s right: free delivery!

When the food left the Mium kitchen, we got a text message telling us it was on its way. Moments later, Mium texted again to say that our delivery was waiting downstairs.
There’s a lot to love about Mium. It’s local, fresh and healthy; it brings Lausanne into the 21st century (finally!) with the kind of service that’s available in cities all over the world; AND it’s actually affordable. But the thing we love the most is that we can gather friends together on a whim, even if the grocery store is already closed, for a meal together.

Nothing will ever top a home cooked dinner and sometimes pizza delivery just hits the spot, but for those in between times when you’re looking for something a bit more elegant yet still convenient, we’re glad to have Mium in our back pocket.

Did we mention they also deliver dessert?


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