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Hey friends! How about this gorgeous weather we’ve been having?! It’s got us all dreamy about summer vacation. We’re thinking maybe Cuba? Costa Brava? Or just good ole’ Italy. What are your summer plans? We’d love to hear what destinations you would recommend!

Are you wary of password managing programs? Us too, but then we read this article.

Could get lost for hours on this website.

Loving this book right now.

Seen the viral memes of Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau? Well, this article was food for thought.

What happens when a 7 year-old writes to the CEO of Google informing him of her interest to work for him? This.

This photo of a paraplegic man and his girlfriend announcing their [surprise] pregnancy!

Anyone else feeling nostalgic about Nokia’s pending release of their iconic phone?

These dads dancing with their babies is perfection.

Made us giggle.

We have a renewed crush on Ashton Kutcher (for all the right reasons!).

Stop everything and go to this website immediately (haha).

Apparently Switzerland is adopting the same trash system as the Netherlands? Smart, but not new!

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