From a winter hike in Chalet-à-Gobet, Gabriel Garcia Marengo

Good job, everyone! You made it to the weekend. What are you planning to do with your glorious personal days? We’re working on the final details for our Christmas cocktail and dinner party next week, which means we’ll be foraging for branches and pine cones and anything that we can use to turn Le Lacustre into a Christmas wonderland! If you aren’t already planning to join us, there are still tickets available, so shoot us an email:

Everything at La Redoute is -40% until Monday night! We’re thinking about finally joining the overall trend and picking up this sweet little winter coat.

So, basically, the dinosaurs didn’t stand a chance.

We’re giving this pie a try tonight for Thanksgiving dinner (yes, we’re a day late…).

Make the most of November in Switzerland.

Kusmi Tea is opening a shop in Lausanne next week – just in time for Christmas Tea!

Would you ever buy your groceries without packaging? A new grocery store in Lausanne is proposing just that…

An unlikely place for a political debate.

…and on that note, we’re thankful for her too.

Could you ever live on a boat?

A poem we often turn to when peace is needed.

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