Our buddy Gabriel can sure work a camera.

In case you missed our announcement, we are going to have a fun & festive Christmas Cocktail & Dinner party on the 1st of December and would LOVE for you to join us! Check out the details here.

Can we brag about our friend (and hubby to Jackie) whose ground-breaking work landed him articles in the New York Times, NPR, and Nature magazine?! Way to go G! (you can watch video about his work on RTS here).

If you need a good laugh after the election results.

And if you need some encouragement (and another laugh).

First female ever to visit every country in the world.

A bike tire that will never go flat.

Oh my goodness.

This man lost his wedding ring three years ago…guess where he found it?

Ikea, we love you even more.

Have you seen Planet Earth 2? This is one of the most stressful/incredible clips!

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