We still have a few spots open for our workout evening on Tuesday November 8th with Beat Fitness. It’s free and, if you’re stressed about the upcoming U.S. election like we are, this is a perfect opportunity to get those endorphins going 😉 Come join us (sign up here)!

Now this is latté art.

Our friend showed us this macrame and we.are.obsessed.

Obama welcomes trick-or-treaters for Halloween to the White House.

Pet humor + Snapchat is always a win.

Congratulations Cubs (and this had us laugh)!

These sketches are incredible!

Anyone who has been to CVS in America can appreciate this.

A theory about why Van Gogh cut off his ear.

What job interviews would look like at these famous companies.

Did you see that Emma Watson is going to be Belle from Beauty & The Beast?

Love this pouf!

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