Hi Friday, so good to see you. What are you up to this weekend? Looks like there’s rain in the forecast and then right back to sun on Monday (why does it seem like it’s always like that on weekends?!) so we may be looking for some indoor entertainment. In the meantime, here are some fun things we found around the web:

Would love these.

Feeling stressed? Just watch this happy deer prance for a second.

Speaking of stress, turns out stress can override healthy eating habits…so chill out.

The Oscars may not be until February, but here are the movies that are already creating a buzz.

How beautiful is this driftwood mobile for a baby room?

A perfect menu for kids.

Oh-em-gee. Can we open up an ice-cream shop like this in Lausanne please?!

These 20 body hacks are incredible! Did you know about them?

There’s something about a white button-down that makes everyone look great (and this one is on sale!).

This gorgeous photograph was taken completely by accident.

Totally agree.

Can someone makes these for us, stat? Thanks.

We’ve been wearing this lipstick everyday because it’s just that perfect shade.

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