You may have noticed things are starting to get a bit quieter around Lausanne–shopkeepers are putting up their fermé signs and packing up to head to a beach somewhere (at least that’s what they should be doing). Well, we aren’t heading to a beach since we have new babies to sleep train (and toddlers to (re)potty train), but we are going to take some time off to read a few novels, sip rosé lakeside, and try to sleep longer than 3 hour stretches at a time. While we are away, take a look at some of our favorite articles that may be useful for you if you’re spending your August in Lausanne. See you in a few weeks!

The Olympics start this week, so don’t miss out all that Lausanne has to offer, being the Olympic capital of the world! Check out our post about the Olympic museum and the different events they are offering to get you in the spirit.

If you’re looking for a spot to eat or drink outside, check out our favorite terraces in and around Lausanne. We added a couple like Pavillon, Jetée de la Compagnie, and La Terrasse too.

Did you know Lausanne has a Michelin star restaurant? We absolutely loved our time at Eligo, and will be heading back just as soon as we can get a date night on the books again.

If you haven’t gotten your bottles of M-G rosé yet, you can still get 15% off with the code TLGwine!

La Grenette is such a perfect spot to spend your summer afternoons or evenings–and they’re catered by our favorite culinary couple!

A boat ride is always a good idea.

If you’re looking for ways to refresh your outdoor space, look no further!

And speaking of design, Sofia Clara gave us some great tips about flea market shopping in Vaud!

If it happens to be a rainy day, check out our ideas here.

Looking for a quick bite to take away for a summery picnic? We recommend two sandwich shops: Le Charlot or Mauro.

Fancy a staycation in Lausanne? We loved our stay at the new Hotel Royal Savoy and hear their spa is out-of-this-world amazing.

Nothing says summer like a good hamburger–and Zooburger remains a fave.

And speaking of dinner, don’t feel like cooking? Don’t forget you can get empanadas delivered straight to your door!

Craving a great brunch? Remember Blackbird opened a second (much larger) location in the Flon.

Have a great few weeks and we’ll see you soon!

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