Hey friends – what’s your plan for the weekend? We’re thinking of heading over to Lutry tonight for some live music, but since one of us is 38.5 weeks pregnant, it might actually be takeout and Netflix for the win. Either way, these dog days of summer are simply the best. We hope you’re making the most of the season!

Anyone else going to miss the Obamas?

Couples who drink together, stay together.

Redefining failure.

What do you think about the gnome flags hanging all around downtown?

This is a cool shelf (and on sale!).

This Lausanne apartment

You know those people who carry little dogs in bags? What about this one?

An interesting look at wedding outfits from around the world.

Did you know the Tour de France was in Switzerland this week?


Haha, these art history Tweets.

A breast-feeding stand at Paléo? We’re impressed!


  1. Did you see me AT the Tour de France? They went right by our little village of Ravoire in Valais on the way to Finhaut!

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