Photo by Azrul Aziz
What are you up to this weekend? We may check out the Vide Dressing at La Grenette, then grab lunch there (did you see SK’s new summer menu?). We hope you are able to enjoy some of the sunshine this weekend, whatever you do! Here are some interesting things from around the web this week:

Not all TV is bad TV for your little ones.

Now this is one way to incentivize cleaning up after yourself.

This movie is on our must-see list, after raving reviews.

Need these for our kitchen.

Wow! The Swiss education system is rated third in the world, behind Finland and Norway.

For drink geeks out there (super interesting and educating!).

If you want an entertaining read, David Sedaris goes clothes shopping in Tokyo.

The first refugee team in Olympic history (this is amazing).

Anyone know where we can find a bar cart like this one?

Haha, this is spot-on.

Are you a fan of Chipotle in the States? There’s some exciting news for you if you are.

We actually know someone who would buy this.

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