Are you loving these long sunny days? We sure are. We hope you have a wonderful weekend full of festivals, the lake, the mountains, and of course…FOOTBALL! Here’s what we found around the web this week:

Hayley Hay has perfectly captured summer.

What’s so special about Finland?

Check out the name of some of these yarns–ha!

A new Instagram you’ve gotta follow.

Pet-lovers, prepare yourselves with a box of Kleenex.

Haha, so true for us introverts.

A mother photographed HER OWN LABOR.

For those of us being chased by paparazzi, here’s a scarf that ruins photos!

Proof that the internet isn’t all bad (this is incredible!).

A great blog to follow if you need regular laughs.

Love these mirrors from La Redoute–and on major sale!

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