In some ways, we cannot believe a month has already gone by. But at the same time, our bleary and heavily lidded eyes tell a different story–friends, we have a newborn.
Remy was born on the 11th of May right here in Lausanne and we are smitten. When Sarah and I found out we were both pregnant, we had a mild panic attack (what will happen to TLG?!) and then we collected ourselves and realized that growth was a natural part of any passion project, and that we would learn to evolve and adapt and it would be good. We also knew that this was such a momentous part of our lives that we absolutely wanted to document our new additions and share this part of our journey with you. We couldn’t think of a better person to chronicle our growing families than our dear friend, TLG sponsor, and talented photographer Hayley Hay

As many of you know, Hayley describes herself as a ‘natural children’s photographer’. When we introduced her as a sponsor, we explained that this means she captures the whimsical nature of childhood in such a raw and realistic way. Nothing is too posed or contrived–she simply lets her subjects be and finds the beauty as they are. 

I must admit that I was a bit nervous to have her in our home; me, freshly out of the hospital (and still looking like I was 7-months pregnant!), a six day-old baby, a lively toddler, and a husband who hates being photographed. But the session proved to be painless, and might I dare say enjoyable

Hayley is able to photograph people in a natural way because she herself is a natural–she is direct and flexible and gentle, she is an entertainer (for my toddler), a housekeeper (she swept up dust after moving a piece of furniture), an encouraging voice, and a engaging conversationalist. She was so lovely, that after she left my 2 year-old daughter asked if she could come back to play. Thank you Hayley for the wonderful experience, but more so for these beautiful photographs that have captured such a significant time in our lives. We will forever cherish these.
To learn more about Hayley Hay Photography, or for inquiries check out her website. We cannot recommend her more highly, and look forward to sharing our next addition–Sarah’s–coming soon!

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