We’d be lying if we said we came into these soccer football tournaments as natural fans. Both American, the sport itself remains a bit of a mystery to us. However, we DO love team spirit, an enthusiastic crowd, and donning national colors while waving flags (we may have some high school cheerleading in our past…). Basically, we look forward to the Euro Cup and World Cup every other year for the fanfare and ceremony. Plus, when else does sleepy, measured Switzerland get a little crazy?! That car horn honking is music to our ears…

So when we’re looking for a place to watch the game match, we want plenty of good beer and lively company. While just about every bar in town has installed a screen to broadcast the tournament, there are definitely stand outs. Here’s our shortlist:

Ouchy – This is definitely where the party is. If you haven’t been down there in a few weeks, you will have missed the enormous screen, ample food vendors and bustling crowds. This is THE place for watching the game. And in case you have to look away in agony as the other team approaches your goal, you can always gaze on the Lake and mountains. Not a bad trade off, really.

The Great Escape – With a large screen set up on their famous terrace, this is a great place to enjoy hanging out with friends and keeping an eye on the score. Another perk, the food and beer is some of our favorite bar fare in town.

Bulldog – A new addition to the Flon, Bulldog has made some big promises about being Lausanne’s best sports bar with huge screens throughout the restaurant and on its terrace. If you want to be able to move about freely without missing a play, Bulldog is your spot.

What about you? Any other favorite spots in town for keeping up with the tournament?

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