The weather is stunning today, but overall it’s been a moody June in Lausanne. From the confinement of city streets and buildings the weather was downright depressing. But as always, venture lakeside and the grey, somber light gives depth and mystery to an often all too familiar landscape.

To be honest, if we weren’t celebrating a birthday last weekend, we probably would have stayed in the city and sulked. However, birthdays come but once a year and demand attention, so we tucked our melancholy away and boarded the beautifully-restored historic Vevey boat for a decadent two-hour tour and lunch.

Smoky clouds clung to cliff sides and sometimes even dared to dip down a kiss the surface of the water. Fleeting rays of sunshine cast light on a shocking green army of grass, persistently making its way up the mountains, ready to establish its presence as guardian of summer pastures. The water bubbled and gurgled as we wheeled past, revealing a prism of greens and blues and foamy whites, ever changing. Even on the dreariest of days, our Lake is breathtaking.

In recent years, Switzerland has been giving its fleet of Belle Epoque boats some extra love and care. Many have been restored to their turn-of-the-century (20th century, that is) glory.

The menu aboard offers a surprisingly delicious set of Swiss standard fare. The real deal, however, is to stick to the plat du jour, which for 19 CHF is an absolute steal. These pork cheeks and macaroni were the perfect pair for our rainy day cruise.

The CGN has switched to its summer schedule, just in time for the beautiful long days. Check out the timetable, and be sure to look for the cruises that offer a dining experience (knife and fork icon) and on a historic boat (paddle wheel icon). Bon voyage!

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