Not that we feel the heat now, but store this away for those hot August days.

What are your thoughts on the Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony? We were a bit confused to say the least.

This made us laugh.

The village of Gruyères is attempting to make a world record breaking 100-meter long meringue this weekend as part of its Double Creme Festival.

Kind of on a sweet potato kick–and this recipe looks easy and tasty.

Did you hear about the epic post-it war between two office buildings?

A funny (and spot-on for us) father’s day gift.

oooh! How’s this for a weekend getaway in Valais?

This salad looks simple and delicious for summer.

Yikes, we’ll think twice before getting aggressive on the road after reading this!

H&M opened up a flagship store in Geneva which includes a floor dedicated to Home Decor!

We had a delicious lunch here last weekend. Look for a full review on the blog some time soon.

Now this chandelier would definitely make a statement.

How do you feel about wide-leg trousers? These caught our eye this week.

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