Hey guys! We assume you all know by now, but both of us are pregnant and one of us will be having a baby, like, tomorrow (no exaggeration), while the other one goes off to enjoy one last hurrah on her baby moon in Greece. We thought about chugging along but decided it was best to take a short weeklong(ish) break. We can’t wait to share all of the good news (new babies, new collaborations and much much more!). In the meantime, have a wonderful week and enjoy some of these events in and around Lausanne:

  • And while you’re (responsibly) traversing from cave to cave, why not check out the Perch Festival too or the Deep Roots party where you can experience everything from techno dancing to Vinyasa flow yoga…all while drinking local wine of course.
  • If that’s not enough excitement, this weekend is the second annual Food Truck Festival in downtown Lausanne! This year it will be bigger (it’s in Place de la Riponne AND Place de la Palud) and last two days!
  • If you’re up for a drive, there’s a strawberry festival in Riddes (close to the 4 valleys) where there will be free strawberry tasting, activities for the littles, and live music!

Have a great week, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook while we’re away!

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