What a gloomy Monday… We wish we could just stay under the covers until the sunshine comes back! In better news, next weekend is jam-packed with fabulous events to check out. Here’s what’s on our calendar:

Get a peak into the galleries and art studios of the Flon at this year’s Flon Art event taking place on Friday and Saturday this week. Stage performances, installations, and guided tours are also on the docket, so it sounds like a fantastic event!

This Friday evening is Fête des Voisins. If you’re building isn’t already organizing something, consider putting together a little apéro and inviting your neighbors to swing by. A little friendly exchange can go a long way when you have to ask them to turn their music down at 3am… 😉

Have you heard about silent discos? On Friday night head up to the area just outside the Cathedral to see it for yourself. Bring your own music (and headphones) and rock the night away to the beat of your own drummer! Tickets available here.

Wanting update to your house or apartment? You may want to check out the major sale this Saturday at Uniquement Vôtre, a local furniture store that specializes in design and vintage pieces.

If you’re looking for an offbeat date night, or perhaps just enjoy watching awkward teenagers, Luna Park is on for two more weeks in Ouchy. There will be romantic ferris wheel rides, first kisses and lots of drama… 😉

Thanks to Sofia for giving us some encouragement this week to get out and hunt at local flea markets! Our first opportunity is this weekend at the Cully Broc’.

Inspired to test your green thumb this year? On Saturday, Prilly Buvette La Galicienne is hosting a sale of all the equipment you need to set up your balcony garden.

Or, if you’re near Mon Repos, swing by Folie Voltaire to take a look at the last Greek imports from company ShoppingTherapy.

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