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Visiting the Château de Vullierens has become a tradition for us every spring–strolling around the  expansive estate amongst the vibrant blooms of irises and roses is just as relaxing as it sounds. Then heading to the café under a canopy of sun umbrellas and stone walls lined with ivy and rosebuds, to enjoy a cup of coffee, un petit goût, or even a full brunch or dinner in the most ethereal of surroundings. 

This year, the iris gardens have several new additions that make it a must-see. Firstly, three new pieces join the ‘balade des sculptures’ including large steel and bronze structures that beautifully intersect with nature, making a total of 52 sculptures and 12 artists to discover. Next, there are now five thematic gardens: from the Jardin du Châtelain with 2,000 new tulip bulbs and a multitude of other variations of flowers as well as a view of the Mont-blanc and the Alps, to Muñi’s Garden, a symmeticral 1,200 square meter garden with 2,500 white tulips and large sculptures.

And if you’re up for an adventure, head over to the Enchanted Forest—where you can enter into a gorgeous space that is completely untended—it has been preserved in it’s natural and wild state where you can encounter all types of creatures (we can see this space being a big hit with the littles).

Not only are there new additions of flowers and sculptures, but there is now a food truck Kroc’saison parked right on the estate—on Sundays and holidays head up to the gardens to indulge in fresh local cuisine with a menu inspired by the flower gardens.

The program this spring will also include some very special events. Balades littéraires dan les Jardins, which involves original storytelling and a walk throughout the gardens. They will take place on Wednesday 18 May and Saturday 4 June in the morning from 9-11h30 with coffee & croissants,  as well as Thursday 26 May from 18h30-23h00 with dinner at the Café des Jardins. You must reserve your place: info@jardindesiris.ch.

The second exciting event is Vullierens by light & light painting where participants join in a culinary treat inspired by the gardens by renown chef Guillaume Trouillot, then get to explore the gardens after hours to watch the sunset and in the light of the moon. After a moonlit walk amongst the blooms on this gorgeous estate, participants get to express what moved them in an artistic painting session. We think this sounds absolutely wonderful–and kind of therapeutic! This experience is on Fridays the 20 & 27 of May and 3 of June from 18h30-23h with dinner at the Café des Jardins. To reserve your spot, email info@jardindesiris.ch.

We are so excited about the new additions to the iris gardens this year–and will certainly be paying the blossoms a visit sometime soon. 


We want YOU to be able to experience the wonder of these blooms as well as the gorgeous estate of Château de Vullierens, so we are giving away THREE pairs of tickets (three winners will receive two tickets each). To win, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite thing about spring! We will choose a winner by the end of the day on Friday. (Could also be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for you procrastinators 😉 ) Good luck!


Les Jardins d’Iris run from the 30th of April until the 12th of June from 9h-18h.

15CHF adults
Kids 11 and under free and 12-16 are 5 CHF
Every Monday 2 tickets for the price of one


  1. The first warm, sunny days. Nature coming back to life…with flowers blooming everywhere. Everyone hanging out outside again after "hibernating" for months 😉

  2. Longer days filled with sunshine – birds chirping – flowers blooming = people smiling more 🙂

    My first Spring in Switzerland, time to explore new places….

  3. The smiles that light up everyone's faces when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping!

  4. By far, my favorite thing about spring, is that it is an indication that summer is getting closer: days become longer, no more boots :), enjoying the outdoors and… I cannot forget the strawberries, cherries, apricots, … that will soon arrive 😛

  5. My favourite thing about spring is the wavering scent of jasmine and gardenia, blossoming under a strengthening sun and filling me with hope for the year to come!

  6. For me the best thing about spring are the blossoming flowers. They are so colourful and so versatile! You start by waiting for snowdrops and crocuses, then daffodils and tulips come, and many many others. Not to forget the trees and bushes! Lausanne looks so gorgeous with all these bright blossoms.

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