Sunshine!!!! How great is it to leave your coat at home?! Our weekend is full of chores, but we won’t complain if the weather stays this sweet. We hope that you’ve got plenty of outdoor plans and fun people to spend them with. Read on for a few of the things that caught our eye on the web this week.

Why are prices so high in Switzerland? Myths debunked.

The Obama’s need to change addresses at the end of the year, but their new digs aren’t too shabby.

Did you know that there’s such thing as a professional baby name consultant?! Gees, people!

Does power really corrupt?

Ha! A crime of necessity, we would argue…

We LOVE this wall lamp. Anyone know where we could buy something like it without spending $1,000?

Basel schools are thinking of giving more vacation to non-smoking employees!

True dat.

Local Jewelry Designer Baies d’Erelle and local Blogger Blaastyle collaborated on a beautiful new collection.

We’ve always wanted to visit this place during summer.

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