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Happy weekend all! Lots going on starting today to celebrate spring (check out our Monday events post here). What will you be up to this weekend? We’re heading to a chalet in Verbier with friends and are looking forward to spending some quality time with them! Have a wonderful weekend, and here are some fun links from around the web:

Check out Lausanne à Table’s program for this year–there are some SUPER cool events and we are so excited.

The ultimate hipster tent.

Have you heard about this installation at the MUDAC? Looks amazing! (Thanks Kristen).

Along with the re-opening of La Grenette & Les Arches, Le Deck is also re-opening in Lavaux–one of our favorite places to get a drink with a view!

We stumbled upon these beauties and think they would be perfect for a hot date!

A nap bar? Yes please.

Four wardrobe staples that will get you through sprinter (the awkward time between winter & spring).

We love terrariums, but would you wear one around your neck?

Has anyone else noticed the presence of advertising in your mailbox, even if you have a pas de pub sticker? Well, here’s why.

There are burgers, then there are SUSHI burgers.

Pom-poms are in this season! We are in love with this for us, and this for the minis in our lives (drool).

Do you have a toddler? Can you relate?

Apparently this new bottle technology keeps wine from going bad for up to 30 days (!).

In terms of body language, the “not face” is more universal than we think.

Could this be the future of Central Park in NYC?

The best street food in Europe.

Do you know about all of Switzerland’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites?


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