Photo by Ales Krivec

Hey hey! What are you up to this weekend? We will both be organizing our apartments (one because of a recent move, and another because a new baby will be joining the mix soon) which is about as fun as it sounds (yay for trips to the dechetterie & IKEA!). We hope you have an enjoyable weekend–don’t forget about some of the events that are starting today! Here are some things that caught our eye this week around the web:

If you need a good laugh, watch this. And make sure to wait for the end.

Just bought a new watercolor painting for the nursery–and this seller has a current promotion: buy one get one free!

The new 50 franc bill has been unveiled.

Did you already reserve your Tesla Model 3? We are so so tempted…

Parents, do you share night-time responsibilities (especially with young babies)? We kinda loved this article.

Liking this swimsuit coverup.

Gorgeous illustrations showcasing the love between dads and their daughters [tear].

What a beautiful installation.

Rent Julia Child’s provençal house on Airbnb!

H&M’s new Conscious Collection debuts this week and each piece is inspired by artwork found in the Louvre!

Sneezing a lot? Looks like the pollen levels are at an all-time high this spring!

What a cute little outdoor bar cart!

A collection of 15-second films shot entirely on an iPhone 6.

Would you ever spread beer on your toast? Now you can with MarmAndAle.

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