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Happy Friday Lausanne! Hope you were able to snag some of those delicious sun rays yesterday–they may need to last you until mid next week! What are you up to this weekend? We are super excited to get the ball rolling on our next installment of our Lausanne Life series, and will of course continue getting our apartments baby-ready (#nothingandnobodyisready). As usual, here are some links that caught our eye this week:

Don’t be a litter bug. Throwing trash on the street (even a gum wrapper) will now cost you 300 CHF.

There’s something about this backpack that reminds me of my childhood in Japan.

Did you see that Blackbird Downtown Diner is now open? We will share more next week!

Tech CEOs reveal their favorite productivity hacks to help you get more done (we just did one for Facebook and it’s already a game changer!!).

We gifted this customizable face stamp and it still makes us smile to think about it.

Real or fake? This girl was skiing in Japan and apparently had no idea she was being chased…by a bear.

Starting on the 4th of June, you’ll be able to share with the whole city of Lausanne something you’d like to do/see/be/have before you die.

Our newest sponsor Hayley Hay Photography is offering mini-sessions for Mother’s Day at a great price!

A shirt that helps you communicate regardless of whether you speak the language.

We can’t wait to try Burrito Brother’s “burrito of the month” for April. Yum!

Montreux Jazz Festival released their program for this summer.

We know it’s no longer winter, but now’s the time to buy for next year (mega sale!)–these boots caught our eye this week (what an amazing deal!).

How to care for a little sad person (aw).

As if Australian coffee shops need more admiration…this one takes the cake in every mother’s book.

Need this for any living/office space.

Have you seen this viral video of two brothers who convinced their (heavily anesthetized) sister that there was a zombie apocalypse? (#thecatyouidiot)

This camera is on our birthday list.

Adult piñatas filled with booze instead of candy. Enough said.

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