What are you up to this weekend? We are excited to be checking out the [new] Hotel Royal Savoy! Whatever you’re up to, have a good one.

Academy Award Nominated Movie “The Revenant” is based on a book written by a US diplomat based in Geneva.

The bum bag (or fanny pack)–do or don’t?

The Fairmont Montreux Palace is bringing Tuscany to the riviera!

Would you chew your coffee?


What?! Swiss public transport prices are set to increase by 3% next year.

What one year of space travel does to the human body.

Hey tall female friends: look at this trench (love).

5 rejection letters received by famous writers.

Gray hairs: genes or stress?

Looking for property in California? Can we interest you in this one?

How many of these Swiss facts did you already know?

Luckily we haven’t had this [bad] luck yet, but still made us laugh.

Hey gentlemen: the perfect tee!

The secret to never being hungover.

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