Congrats–you made it to the weekend! What are you up to? One of us is preparing to move to a new apartment (by the way, are you looking for a place to live in central Lausanne?), which is super fun (not). The forecast looks beautiful for the next few days, so get out and enjoy it! Have a great one, and as usual, here are some fun links from around the web:

The President of Switzerland has an *inspiring message those who are ill – laughter is the best medicine. Indeed, Mr. President, indeed.

A good reminder for when criticism stings.

Do or don’t: the high waist short.

Listen to our good friend and TLG sponsor, Eleni from Eleni Eyebrows being interviewed on WRS!

We have apartment decorating fever right now! What do you think of this suspension and series of wall lights?

Should we taco-bout this pillow?

The number of celebrities in this movie is insane (also we love Andy Samberg).

Oh, German. You are a delight.

This sunshine has reminded us to do our annual order of our favorite spring/summer shoes!

We want a baby elephant!

At dinner this weekend, Blogger Newly Swissed insisted that Saint Bernards never carried brandy in their barrel collars. We feel so deceived!

Sorry, but you can never please a toddler.

Body hacking: the new technology movement (that raises many ethical questions).

We love the butterfly chair.

Here’s a video of one of us skiing last weekend…

What Google learned from its quest to build the perfect team. This rings so true!

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