It is with great pleasure (and eager stomachs) that we welcome another wonderful sponsor of The Lausanne Guide: UNICAS Handmade Argentine Empanadas.

UNICAS offers a convenient online platform where you can order your empanadas with a click of a button, and they are delivered right to your door. Every empanada is hand-made and comes vacuumed sealed, ready for the oven. Whether you are hosting a party or longing for a break from cooking, UNICAS should be added to any weekly routine when meal-planning!

If you missed our review of their incredible empanadas, check it out here. As you know, we only accept sponsorship from businesses that we truly believe in and have experienced first-hand–and UNICAS is a small local business that we know offers fresh, authentic, and downright delicious food in such a simple and convenient way.

Welcome UNICAS! We’re so glad to have you here.

To check out their menu, as well as place an order head on over to

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